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Nowadays we have forgotten to laugh. We are engaged in thinking of us rather than others. We are happy with our own comfort. But we have come in this earth for a very little time. So  leaving our self love we can stay better by helping each other. There is no loss in thinking of others  thinking only about own selves. Sweep the surrounding area of hospital and such other public places. If we stretch our hand of help to each other we can make this earth another Heaven.We can help people in various ways. One can help them by money,  others can do by labour and some others can by giving them mental support. We can come forward with our abilities to do something for the society.With this motto Anuvab Socio Cultural Society is attempting to do something for the society. There are some household in remote area who are incapable of putting their children on new dresses. But these Little faces feel sad seeing others with new clothing.Anuvab arranges new garments for them..Respecting government 's aim Anuvab attempts to sweep Hospitals and such public places in order to keep weather clean.Blood donation camp, free health camp, blood group examining, providing food, clothes, medicine for flooded area etc are included in the holy actions of Anuvab.Anuvab tries to indulge culture and literature by publishing magazines.In order to eradicate social malady, superstition from people's mind Anuvab presents Street drama and stage drama. And others social duties are performed by Anuvab..




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